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Carnal Flower Type – Formula

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Carnal Flower is a Floral fragrance for women and men.  The nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion.


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Note: This formula is inspired by the fragrance stated here, using GCMS analysis data and our nose,is not an exact copy. The original formulations belong to the respective brands. We are not affiliated with any fragrance brand mentioned here. The presented images are merely illustrative. Our formulas are composed for educational purposes, inspired by the most popular perfumes on the market. It may be the basis for your personal experiments, studies or researches.

Customers Reviews

  1. John Applebloom (verified owner)

    An incredibly complex formula with many trace elements and some very bold strokes. A masterpiece! I do wonder one thing – there were speculations online that Carnal Flower has up to 25% tuberose absolute in the formula – here the share is MUCH smaller but the core DNA is there.

    • Labtorium

      Hi John,
      thank you so much for your review…speaking about that speculations about the use of 25% of Tuberose absolute i really dont find that amount in the GCMS, and i also believe thats not possible to have that huge amount, because IFRA just allow 10% maximum use level of in fine Fragrances but even if so , it would increase the value of the fragrance in a way thats not possible to sell in the market , 10ml of Tuberose absulote cost plus €200,00
      but sincerely i dont know, probably the perfumer could use some tuberose base,thats may be possible…i really dont believe they use 25% of tuberose absolute but thats is just my opinion.

  2. Nick Malakhow (verified owner)

    A green, tropical tuberose that balances some of the camphoraceous aspects of the flower with the bubblegummy floral sweetness and stemminess of the live plants. I was surprised at some of the higher dose materials here, but it all harmonizes together perfectly and this is a really great reproduction of the scent top to bottom!

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