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Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Carnal Flower was launched in 2005. The nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Ropion.

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Carnal Flower or forbidden flower is a fragrance with the scent of tuberose. Tuberose is a beautiful and dangerous flower. In some cultures, it is not allowed for young women to feel its intoxicating scent after sunset. Tuberose is a symbol of forbidden pleasure, hiding its passionate, sensual character behind its fresh, white, floral face. Its intoxicating scent seduces many perfumers; Frederic Malle and creator Dominique Ropion tried to repeat this scent in their particular way. Frederic Malle was inspired for Carnal Flower during his visits to California, where everything smells like gardenia and tuberose.

Dominique Ropion worked on development of the formula for more than two years. The perfume contains a larger dose of tuberose absolute than any other perfume. The composition opens with heavy, green notes of citrus leaves and branches. As tuberose develops, the green nuance passes into a note of camphora, which softens the opulent flowers unintrusively. Fruity nuances of melon and coconut add light and slightly gourmet sound to the composition and do not attract attention. The muse for this perfume was Frederic Malle’s aunt, famous actress Candice Bergen, who acted in the movie Carnal Knowledge with Jack Nicholson.

The top notes contain: bergamot, melon and eucalyptus.
The middle notes include: ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, Salicylates (natural, toxic product of herbal origin, a sort of a herbal feromone which is used by plants as a warning).
The base encompasses: tuberose absolute, orange blossom absolute, coconut and musk.

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    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    An incredibly complex formula with many trace elements and some very bold strokes. A masterpiece! I do wonder one thing – there were speculations online that Carnal Flower has up to 25% tuberose absolute in the formula – here the share is MUCH smaller but the core DNA is there.



      Hi John,
      thank you so much for your review…speaking about that speculations about the use of 25% of Tuberose absolute i really dont find that amount in the GCMS, and i also believe thats not possible to have that huge amount, because IFRA just allow 10% maximum use level of in fine Fragrances but even if so , it would increase the value of the fragrance in a way thats not possible to sell in the market , 10ml of Tuberose absulote cost plus €200,00
      but sincerely i dont know, probably the perfumer could use some tuberose base,thats may be possible…i really dont believe they use 25% of tuberose absolute but thats is just my opinion.

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