GC-MS Total Ion Chromatogram . Perfumery 'SECRET' Formulas

Fragrances are our passion.

Most of our fragrance formulas are made trough a *GCMS deformulation process, then analised and  interpretated.

We also provide our formulas to individuals that would just like to see how formulas are composed for educational purposes or learn  the most popular perfumes on the market today.

Why are you giving all this secrets ?
Really none of these are secrets – if you work for a big company under a mentor all these should be available. Even though the formulation you see and the tips you get are enough to set up a perfumery company you will still want to be creative and make your compounds for your local market and customers requirements. We see this rather than giving secrets away as helping level the playing field for the independent perfumer.

Its ethical to show commercial formulas?
These formulations have been developed by us during the process of deformulation and are not used by anyone else. Our mission is to make creative perfumery available to a much wider audience and that requires that you have access to information, materials and techniques that until today were only available to bigger companies.  We think that whilst many will use the formulations directly yet others will tweak and develop them to even greater levels of creativity..

GCMS is the abbreviation for Gas Chromatograpy–Mass Spectrometry a method of separating (the GC part) perfume compounds (concentrate) into their individual chemical components and identifying them (the MS part). It gives powerful insight into a perfumes structure and helps to understand how it works for study or re-creation.